Harmon Field Park & Recreation


Heritage Days Schedule

On Thursday and Friday March 22-23, school children will be visiting.  They will be exposed to crafts, games, and life of the 19th century.  Volunteers from Tryon Arts & Crafts will demonstrate basket making, weaving, blacksmithing, and pottery.  The Harmon Field staff will engage children in games such as Chuck Farthing, Blind Man's Bluff, and Bowl Toss.  While visitng the civil war camp, they will be able to see horses, soldiers in uniform, listen to topics (and ask questions) about the time period, and see weapons demonstrated.


During the day on both Saturday and Sunday, Infantry, Artillery, Mounted and Dismounted reenactors will be demonstrating various aspects of camp life.  You might see a wedding, a court martial, pay call, mail call, any sort of typical scene that filled their day when not actively pursuing, or being pursued by, the enemy.


Thanks to a generous grant from the Civic Events Fund at the Polk County Community Foundation, this event is FREE to the public! For more information on the 2NCMI Civil War re-enactors, click here.


On Saturday, Tryon Arts & Crafts will hold an Open House from 10 am to 2 pm and Landrum quilters will raffle a quilt from 1 pm to 5 pm


saturday schedule

8:45 Colors and attention to orders
 9:00 Camps open to the public
10:00 Drill
12:00 Wedding
13:30 Battle
15:00 Court Martial
17:00 Reenactor supper
19:00 candlelight tour
21:00 Camps closed to the public


sunday schedule

9:00 Camps open to the public
10:00 Drill
12:00 Washer Woman Spy
13:30 Battle
16:00 Camps closed/striking of the colors


thursday & Friday schedule

Schools, station rotations: