Harmon Field Park & Recreation

Come to the park for a reunion, a game, or just to walk your dog!  There are several options for facility rental listed below.  Shelters that are not reserved can be used on a "first come, first serve" basis. 

In addition to renting shelters, we also rent play equipment.  There is a "Toy Tub" that contains horseshoes, croquet, bocce, badminton, volleyball, putters, and a variety of balls.

RV sites and tent camping are available for large groups and/or special events.  Please contact the park superintendent at 828.859.5784 or harmonfield@windstream.net


rental facilities:                                                                     FEE SCHEDULE:

Log Cabin:  Full kitchen, bathrooms. AC / Heat, seats 60                                          $100 / $200

Covered Shed: Screened picnic shed, seats 80                                                          $35 / $70

Picnic Shelter:  Open shelter, grill, seats 40                                                               $25 / $50

Picnic areas (3): tables and grills                                                                                 First come, first serve.  No charge

Baseball Fields (3):  All lighted, electronic scoreboards, 200 ft fences                      $10 / $15 per hr, lights extra

Soccer Fields (2): 75x120 by river, 60x120 inside track                                            $10 / $15 per hr

Open Air Gym:  Concrete floor, 6 hoops                                                                    $10 / $15 per hr, lights extra

Toy Tub                                                                                                                      $10 per day












Rental fees are:  Tryon township / out of town